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a FRENCH tradition

Séverine and Victor have met in France in the capital city of Paris. Séverine had this project of exploring the world and bring new experiences to people. Together they have figured that pastry is about sharing. So they started pastry trainings in the most famous pastry and bakery shops. Today they both have their certificate and are more than happy to keep learning and share their knowledge.

Séverine Madura


On one hand we use 100%  imported french butter and on the other hand we use the most fresh ingredients as fruits (mango, pineapple, vanilla,..) or grains (peanut, cashewnut,...) we can possibly find within Flores Island. Our bakery and pastry products are the harmonious meeting of two geographical locations. Whether you are a western traveler or an Indonesian you will discover exoticism in our flavors.


We bring in the best standards we can possibly imagine to please your comfort in a unique concept. Inspired by coffee shops "à la française'' we have chosen our facilities so you can have a real glance of what it feels like to be in a french café while you are in a most exotique place: Labuan Bajo with an amazing sea view. Come over to discover and relax in our best hangout spot terrace. You can snack on the best food while living the golden hours of the sunset.

Finding a perfect balance between taste and texture.

Victor BAILLET, Chef Baker, Café Melinjo

Our team

When the FRENCH TRADITION meets indonesian culture

Our team is now happily fully involved in what we have created all together. Along the way they have yet considered innovation as part of their daily life. Of course hard work is part of their day and Café Melinjo is trying its best to thank them in return. The management of the team is as horizontal as possible and implicates each one of the staff in the decision taking. Most of our products have been named or influenced by the team. So as most of the bakery and pastry techniques are coming from France they are meeting the local culture to become the fusion products we are pleased to offer you. From Paris to Komodo.

My name is: Afriana Idam. Place date of birth :Sewar 25 May 2000 Origin: Village rental

I have 2 brothers, and one sister, my parents they work as farmers, my mother she is a hard worker, I come from a small village, where the village is located in a mountain, quite far from the city, when I am small, I like to cook, I like to help parents

When I finished junior high school, I was admitted to a vocational school, where there was a catering department, namely at SMKN 1 Labuan Bajo, after I graduated from high school, I immediately looked for work, at first I was able to work at Cafe Melinjo

When I graduated from high school, I was still looking for job vacancies,

Then it was my Uncle who brought me together with Mr. Victor and Miss Severine,

Where was that time, we met at the Marina,

At first I was afraid when I had to work with Caucasians, because to be honest I had never worked with Caucasians

Then uncle I asked, Afrha do you want to work with them, and in making a choice, when you work with them, which way do you want, the service department, or the kitchen…..

At that time, I happily replied, I want to be in the kitchen section, because I want more knowledge about working in the kitchen section, and it turns out that at the Melinjo cafe in the kitchen we make pastry, at first I didn’t like it a little when learning about pastry, because when I went to school at Vocational High School, I didn’t like the Pastry lesson ::) Lots of lessons, while working at cafe melinjo, I thought that before I only made Indonesian cakes, I’m very grateful I was able to learn how to make pastry from France which was taught directly from the chef himself, namely Miss Severine and Mr. Victor, they are native French. The point is when we’re working, we have to be patient, because we have to learn a lot

Senior cook. Best cooking Labuan Bajo
Senior Barista

My full name: Sesilia Eltari Saladose. This saladose is taken from our family’s family name. Usually called Tary, my best friend often calls me Ta’ik, not tai yah hhhh. Birth: Kambe 22 November 2000. I am a senior barista at one of the famous cafes in Labuan Bajo, namely, at Melinjo French Flavor cafe.

A place where you can get atmosphere and touch like in Paris.

I was born into a Sdarhanan family. My father worked as a clerk in an office in Labuan Bajo, while my mother was a housewife.


I am the first child of 3 siblings. I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, owning a business in the culinary, local coffee, cosmetics, accessories, and online and offline cosmetics fields.


My mom and dad used to say: If you want something, you have to fight for it. Make a plan for your life and then make it happen.


Never give up. God is always with you.

“My name is kk Ann. I like to make all the different recipes of Café Melinjo.”

Senior Baker Experience and knowledge
Senior Barista mastering the art of best coffee. From Espresso to hot latte

My name is kk Fira. I love everything about being a Barista. I keep on learning and training as much as I can.